How a Teen Star Prepares for the Met Gala

Photo: Rebecca Smeyne

Sofia Richie is only 17, but she’s already on to her second Met Gala. The daughter of Lionel Richie, she’s a model and a budding fashion-world player, and she’s worked with Topshop for weeks on a custom tech-themed gown.

“This time is different,” she told the Cut as she prepared on Monday afternoon. “Last time, I went with Stella McCartney, and I didn’t know what to expect. I’m obsessed with fashion and always have been, so that’s what I look forward to — seeing what everyone is going to wear.”

This time around, Richie’s wearing a gold-and-peach metallic gown with off-the-shoulder details and a cutout back. “I knew I wanted something metallic, since this year’s theme was about technology, and I love the colors that we were able to come up with,” she explains. “It’s not silver and it’s not gold, but a mesh of colors.”

Aiming to bring out the flecks of metallic in her dress, Vincent Oquendo created a dramatic smoky eye with gold as the focal point. He used a mix of Charlotte Tilbury products starting with the Airbrush flawless finishBeach Stick, and lots of Filmstar bronze and glow for luminescence. He finished off the look with Charlotte Tillbury Nude Kate lipstick and a few more swipes of the Filmstar bronze and glow.

To complement the neckline, Brian Buenaventura and Sofia decided on slick and wavy hair, draped lightly back on the shoulders. To start, Buenaventura created a middle part and blow-dried small sections with minimal product to keep it soft. Then he went over it with a curling iron to give it a light wave. To get the curl pattern just right, Buenaventura was careful to fold the hair vertically instead of horizontally, using his fingers instead of a brush to make the look come together. The only products he used were from Orlando Pita Play, to give it that wavy texture.

Click through the slideshow below for more exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of Richie’s dress and her prep process for the Met Gala.

How a Teen Star Prepares for the Met Gala