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I Am Terrified That This Baby Version of Gordon Ramsay Is Going to Yell at Me

Two babies
Two babies Photo: Getty Images, Claire8ball/Twitter

Gordon Ramsay is many things — a citizen of the U.K., a chef, a TV star — but, primarily, he is a yeller. Ramsay is an indiscriminate, passionate screamer who raises his voice at adults and children alike. He even referred to someone as a “panini head” once, which is a brutal (and delicious) own. I am terrified of this man Gordon Ramsay. And now, I am terrified of this baby who looks like Gordon Ramsay.

Claire Dempster of Cardiff, Wales, recently tweeted out a photo of her baby, Arlo-Blue (not to be confused with Lucky Blue), who bears a startling resemblance to the celebrity chef — all the way down to the little white onesie that looks like a chef coat.

Ramsay acknowledged his look-alike shortly after.

It’s just as the prophecies have foretold: A new King of Yellers is born.

I Am Scared of the Baby Version of Gordon Ramsay