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These Teens Put 242 Pens on Their Heads, and Now We’re No Longer Worried About the Future

Photo: Bart Coenders/Getty Images

Anyone who says today’s teens are too glued to their devices has clearly not paid attention to the innovative ways in which they transform household items into goofy and somewhat dangerous trends. First they were challenging themselves to swallow spoonfuls of ground cinnamon. Then they were smearing Burt’s Bees lip balm on their eyelids. Now they are exploring how many pens they can fit in the holes on their faces.

Rebzy and Lauren, two 16-year-olds from Scotland and England respectively, decided to challenge one another to see who could fit the most pens on their head in an extreme act of studying procrastination. In an ongoing Twitter battle they managed to start with 7 pens and escalate to a record of 242.

The girls were somewhat shocked over becoming viral sensations, but they are handling their newfound fame incredibly well. Generation Z is probably going to turn out fine.

Inspiring Teens Fit 242 Pens on Their Heads