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Jackson Galaxy Isn’t Here for Your Grumpy Cat Shenanigans

Me-yow. Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty

Cat daddy Jackson Galaxy isn’t afraid to share his feelings on famous felines.

Over at Thrillist, My Cat From Hell host Jackson Galaxy took a minute from explaining the endless appeal of cat videos (and Instagram accounts and Snapchats and yoga) to talk about the humans behind Internet Famous™ cats. If you ask TV’s No. 1 cat whisperer, Grumpy Cat’s humans aren’t doing her any favors.

“I’m not a fan of Grumpy Cat in the least. I don’t like the brand that’s put out there, and I don’t think that, by and large, anyone is advocating for that cat, while they’re doing what they’re doing,” he said. Grumpy’s humans lug her to tons of personal appearances where strangers get to touch her all damn day long, whereas Lil BUB’s human Mike is, according to Galaxy, getting it right by being more selective when it comes to public appearances and things like that.

“Mike is a very conscientious human. He’s very protective. Also, a lot of the money that he generates, a ridiculous amount, in fact, goes to the charities that Mike now helms. He is intensely involved because BUB has so many health problems. Mike does it the right way,” Galaxy said, comparing other parents of wanna-be famous pets to Toddlers and Tiaras.

“I’ve seen Grumpy Cat. You want to talk paraded? I mean, just sitting there, while thousands of people come up to take these pictures … it’s hardcore. All the product and everything. It bumps up against what I love about cats, and I also consider myself an advocate for them.”

Plus, Lil BUB is just cooler. Why else would Andrew WK hang out with her all the time?

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Jackson Galaxy Is Not About Grumpy Cat