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Justin Trudeau Took the Day Off to ‘Celebrate His Anniversary’ — Wink, Wink

To 11 more!
To 11 more! Photo: Getty Images

Justin Trudeau, excessively handsome warden of the North, took Wednesday off to celebrate his 11th wedding anniversary with wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

Though he fielded some criticism, Trudeau defended his decision: “[It’s] the kind of work-life balance that I’ve often talked about as being essential in order to be able to be in service of the country with all one’s very best and that’s certainly something I’m going to continue to make sure we do.”

The day presumably started with a 40-pack of Timbits in bed, followed by several hours of generous lovemaking to a playlist of Drake, Neil Young, and Justin Bieber’s greatest hits. Later, the happy couple had a romantic dinner of all-you-can-eat poutine, then spent the rest of the evening very politely apologizing to each other.

Justin Trudeau Took a Romantic Day Off