Kate Moss’s Morning Beauty Routine Is Terrifying

Kate Moss likes ice, ice, baby. Photo: GP Images/Getty Images

Ice facials and a slight hint of sadomasochism are key to looking like one of the greatest supermodels of our time. A few years ago, Kate Moss told the world (via Stylist magazine) that her morning-after beauty trick are ice facials, created by submerging her face in a sink of ice water, followed up with cucumber slices. Cold — and how Mommie Dearest! Indeed, yesterday, she confirmed to W magazine that it was a beauty trick picked up from the second-most-scary-movie-morning-beauty routine (American Psycho holds the first). She said:

I just watched Mommie Dearest! That’s what she does, isn’t it? I first thought, that’s insane, then I was like ‘Hmmmm.’ [I do it]  when I’m at work and it’s an early morning and you’re still asleep, really, then I do it. It’s so good. It definitely works, because all the blood comes to the surface.

Ice: the cheapest supermodel beauty secret you’ll ever read about.

Kate Moss’s Morning Beauty Routine Is Terrifying