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Kim Kardashian Says It’s Time To Stop Contouring

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Photo: Venturelli/Getty Images

If you just mastered the fine art of whittling down your jaw and forehead with a few swipes of bronzer, you may be too late. Kim Kardashian, America’s leading expert on contouring, has decided that she’s done with the makeup practice. “I’m trying to wear less,” she told makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury at Vogue’s annual festival in London. “I’m really into strobing now, so just highlighting the skin without using bronzer.”

But before you toss your jumbo pack of contouring kits, just know that Kim hasn’t given up on the trend entirely: “I don’t think I’d stop contouring my nose,” she quipped to an audience filled with people who probably arrived expecting a few solid contour tips. Ah, there’s the Kim we all know and love.

Kim Kardashian Says Stop Contouring