This Guy Had a Surprise Guest at His Wedding — and She Came Prepared With a Burn

A not-so-happy day?
A not-so-happy day? Photo: Mats Silvan/Mats Silvan.

Oh, to be a guest at this wedding. Actually, maybe not — I tend to blush and run away when mortifying things happen. Oh, and this would have done me in for sure. Another woman (read: not the bride) showed up and called out the groom for getting married, when, it seems he’d just paid her a visit the night before. “And the night before that.” Oof.

Listen for the audible gasps from the guests, and watch for the lady who literally gets up and leaves. Something you won’t see? The groom responding with anything more than a head tilt to what can pretty obviously be heard throughout the church.

There’s no telling what the real story is here. But if this wedding crasher speaks the truth, the bride might want to take a cue from circa-1990s Julia Roberts, put on some running shoes, and get the heck out of there. On second thought, this is a pretty good burn. She might want to stick around to see him try to get wriggle out of this one.

Man’s Lady on the Side Shows Up at His Wedding