Meet Kindred Black, the Brand Redefining Eco-Fashion

Bodysuit and necklace available on Kindred Black. Photo: Courtesy of Kindred Black

If you associate the term “eco-fashion” with Woodstock-era tie-dye, it’s time to replace it with hand-dyed lingerie and hand-woven crop tops. Kindred Black, an eco-fashion e-tailer, is creating undercover sustainable style for clothes, home goods, and vintage finds.

In addition to handmade shoes from Tuscon and silver and leather bracelets from Sweden, the site has a large vintage collection of anything from perfume bottles to Levi’s. The complete collection also features chakra-aligning dildos (discreetly advertised on the site as “crystal prisms”), velvet bralettes made with natural dyes, and hand-woven crop tops. The story of each piece sounds almost like a Stefon-type rant, in the best way possible.

“These are made by this guy who lives outside of Tuscon, Arizona,” co-founder Alice Wells told the Cut about a pair of leather moccasins. “He’s been making moccasins for 47 years. And he goes out and sells them to Southwestern tribes and we saw this beautiful 60-year-old woman wearing them and they look really amazing on.” To describe a small bottle of perfume, Jennifer Francis, another co-founder, said, “It’s rosewater by a collective of farmers in Iran who make this organic rosewater and we needed a bottle to put it in, so we chose these vintage perfume bottles.”

Francis and Wells left their jobs at a handbag line as COO and creative director, respectively, in order to start a more sustainable company. Now, they search the world finding artisans, often by word of mouth, to supply their store.

While eco-fashion may conjure up images of flea markets, hemp, and too-literal inspiration from the ‘70s, Kindred Black is anything but. Their new arrivals, and their site, look aesthetically similar to the Reformation, another eco-fashion brand with the first clean-production plant in Los Angeles. Clean lines, trendy pieces, a sweet smelling home-good — not usually the hallmark of a low carbon footprint. The story behind each piece on Kindred Black is available on the site for customers to find, but it’s not front-and-center.

“If you show it in such a way that they realize that it can be blended into their everyday lives, you don’t have to be kind of kitschy and vintage to wear it or to use it in your home. “

Now you won’t feel bad for blowing your paycheck online shopping. Click ahead to see velour lingerie, vintage belts, and more.

Kindred Black, the Brand Redefining Eco-Fashion