Hollywood, Sarah Paulson Doesn’t Need Your Blonde Hair Dye

Sarah Paulson. Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images
Sarah Paulson. Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Sarah Paulson, a.k.a. she who gives zero fucks about your opinion on her dating life, is also a little put off by Hollywood’s insistence that leading lady equals blonde bombshell.

In a round-table interview, she told The Hollywood Reporter that she’s never been cast for a leading role without simultaneously being pushed toward the hair dye. She says she’s a fan of the color itself, but the gesture? Not so cool:

“I’ve never been asked to play the leading lady without having to be a blonde … To be told that I needed to be the leading lady opposite some hunky guy, that I needed to have long blonde hair that looked very specific, kind of L.A., Real Housewives-looking … And it does do something to your brain where you go ‘Gosh, so the way I came into the world is not as appealing as it would be if I were altered in some way?’ That’s sort of a funny message to extend to a person.”

These days, American Horror Story makes things a bit more lax, allowing her at one point to boast two heads — neither of ‘em blonde. She says there “isn’t a real disparity between men and women” on the show; everyone just kind of does their own creepy thing. Save your stereotypes, ‘cause S.P. will take a hard pass.

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