Miranda Kerr on Partying Like Anna Wintour Isn’t Watching

After getting fully pampered and braided for the Met Gala, Miranda Kerr walked the red carpet in a two-piece Louis Vuitton bandage outfit. She promptly spilled her thoughts to the Cut on newbies attending the gala, dancing on tables, and respecting the night’s host, Anna Wintour.

When asked whether or not she wanted to dance on the tables last year during Rihanna’s almost-as-good-as-the-outfit performance, Kerr politely said she didn’t think Anna would have liked that —  like a good fashion darling, she had to respect her. But really: In Kerr’s Met Gala fantasies, Anna probably would have started the table-dancing. Watch the full clip above.

Reported by Jada Yuan and Adam Banicki.

How to Party Like Anna Wintour Isn’t Watching