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Nick Jonas Watches Mariah Carey on Home Shopping Network ‘at Least Once a Week’

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Last week, Nick Jonas “guest-edited” (a.k.a. likely came into an office and took a bunch of pictures of himself posing near a computer) a column for the Sun, in which he revealed many things, such as he’s dating Lily Collins and he would “be lying” if he said he’s never had sex with a man. But perhaps the true bombshell was the revelation that his favorite YouTube video of all time is a compilation of all the times Mariah Carey said “moment” during her stint as a Home Shopping Network designer.

“There is a video of Mariah online that I love. It’s basically her on the online shopping channel selling stuff. But over the course of the two episodes they collected from, she says the word ‘moment’ about 100 times and they cut them all together,” said pop star and viral-video anthropologist Jonas.

“When she is selling a scarf, she goes, ‘When you’re looking for a Parisian moment …’ It will blow your mind. I watch it at least once a week.”

Honestly, so do I, Nick Jonas!

Nick Jonas Is Having a Mariah Carey Moment