Former NYU Malaria Researcher Says Her Boss Told Her ‘Women Don’t Belong In Science’

NYU states it will fight the lawsuit.
NYU states it will fight the lawsuit. Photo: ANDREW HARRER/This content is subject to copyright.

A malaria researcher says a bunch of sexism derailed her career at NYU and has filed a federal lawsuit, reports the New York Daily News. Doesn’t sound good.

OraLee Branch, who worked at the university between 2008 and 2013, reported that the awfulness started in 2o10, when she says the department chair said “did not want to come between ‘cat-fighting women.’” And then, he reportedly delivered this gem: “Women don’t belong in science.” The lawsuit says this statement was accompanied by a long drag from a cigarette; then the dude blew smoke right in her face.

Branch reported these incidents in 2012. She was subsequently fired in 2013, the lawsuit claims. Regardless of where this goes, yeah, it’s not great.


NYU Researcher Says Career Was Ruined By Sexism