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HuffPo Quickly Realizes That Publishing Video of a Man Secretly Rubbing Chile Pepper on His Girlfriend’s Tampon Is a Terrible Idea

Photo: Courtesy of Facebook/Brad Holmes

If you’re not familiar with Brad Holmes, apologies for bringing him into your world. Holmes is a lad — a British bro — who’s managed to garner some internet fame for his prank videos, which include fake-proposing to his girlfriend, Jenny, on Valentine’s Day, cutting Jenny’s hair in her sleep, and telling Jenny that her tiny dog ate her vibrator.

Most recently, he filmed himself secretly rubbing chile pepper on Jenny’s tampon, then taped Jenny’s reaction upon using said tampon. Spoiler: She’s in a lot of pain and has trouble urinating. The video is called “Hot Vagina” and it has 2.4 million views on Facebook. (I weep for us all.)

That said, it’s not hard to see why they pulled it. Holmes is genuinely terrible at pranks (piss poor, if you will). All of his videos appear to be awkwardly staged, and Jenny seems to be in on the joke in all of them. I doubt that she even used the tainted tampon in this one. That said, a disclaimer of “Please, don’t try this at home” didn’t stop viewers from trying to staple their nuts to their legs when Jackass was on TV. And if it’s real, praising it as a funny joke is horrifyingly bad judgement.

Oh, and Jenny — Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. Just because you’re in on the pranks doesn’t make them any better. If you’re reading this: Dump him.

*This post has been updated to reflect that the Huffington Post has replied to our request for comment.

Rubbing Chile on a Tampon Is a Terrible Prank