Bernie Sanders Is Sick of People ‘Moaning’ About Hillary Clinton’s Problems

Sanders has no time for moaners.
Sanders has no time for moaners. Photo: Bloomberg/2016 Bloomberg Finance LP

Now that Donald Trump is the only Republican left standing, most of his campaign’s attacks target his likely presidential opponent: Hillary Clinton. But Bernie Sanders is still competing in the Democratic race, which means the former Secretary of State is facing fire from both sides. Clinton’s position isn’t unprecedented, but it is a little tougher than Sanders’s, whom Trump has largely ignored. In an interview with MSNBC on Wednesday, however, Sanders said he’s tired of hearing about how hard Clinton has it.

“Please do not moan to me about Hillary Clinton’s problems,” he told host Andrea Mitchell when she asked whether he thought his criticism of Clinton could help Trump in the general election. He went on to say his campaign “had to take on senators and governors and mayors and members of Congress. We’re taking on the Democratic establishment.” 

“I don’t think I was moaning,” Mitchell said. 

She went on to ask Sanders whether he thought he was endangering Clinton’s path to the presidency by giving Trump ammunition against her. (Trump has said he’ll repurpose Sanders’s arguments.) Sanders replied: “As you well know, there are many areas that I could have attacked Hillary Clinton on that I have chosen not to attack her on.”

With such a benevolent opponent, what could Clinton possibly have to complain about? Just because she’s facing two sets of well-coordinated, well-funded political attacks at once doesn’t mean she has the right to “moan” about it.

Sanders Sick of Hearing About Clinton’s Problems