Pregnant Blake Lively Rises From the Ashes Where Blake Lively Once Stood

Pregnant Blake Lively.
Pregnant Blake Lively. Photo: Laurent Viteur/Getty Images

On April 14, 2016, Us Weekly exclusively revealed a fact that we now know to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt: The actress Blake Lively is pregnant. Roughly 36 minutes after that announcement, “Blake Lively” ceased to exist on this mortal plane; in her place, “Pregnant Blake Lively” began to walk among us, doing the things you might expect Blake Lively to do (wear clothes, pose for photos in the clothes, etc).

Where has Blake Lively gone, and where will she stay, resting comfortably, for the next five-odd months? That’s not for us to know. Pregnant Blake Lively, however, has been everywhere, most recently Cannes. Check it out!

“Pregnant Blake Lively Arrives in France Ahead of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival,” People 

“Pregnant Blake Lively Was ‘Involved in the Design Process’ of Her Met Gala 2016 Dress,” Us Weekly

“Pregnant Blake Lively Puts Baby Bump On Display at ‘BFG’ Cannes Premiere!” Just Jared

“Pregnant Blake Lively shows off her baby bump in two chic dresses as she promotes The Shallows at the Cannes Film Festival,” Daily Mail

“Pregnant Blake Lively Accentuates Baby Bump in Short Dress,” Just Jared

“Pregnant Blake Lively and her bump are lovely in lace as she hits another sartorial high in a low foliage-print frock at Cannes,” Daily Mail

“Pregnant Blake Lively Has Major Cinderella Moment on the Cannes Red Carpet,” Us Weekly

“Pregnant Blake Lively Looks Like Pure Sunshine in This Velvet Marigold Dress,” Us Weekly

“Pregnant Blake Lively Wears Ab-Baring Cutouts in Cannes,” Us Weekly

“Pregnant Blake Lively Wishes for a Bird to Poop on Her Head,” Just Jared

It is actually illegal to refer to a woman without also mentioning the contents of her womb.

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