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A North Carolina School District Want to Ban Skinny Jeans to Prevent Bullying

Photo: HBO

As if authority figures could not be uncool enough in North Carolina right now, some school officials in New Hanover County believe skinny jeans should be banned in a convoluted attempt to prevent bullying.

The school system’s new rule would prevent students from wearing skinny jeans, leggings, and any other tight-fitting bottoms, unless they are covered by a long top or dress. Students who fail to comply to the new policy would face punishment. A school board member claims one of the reasons behind the policy change is a concern for “bigger girls” who were getting bullied over wearing tight jeans. Because shaming the victim into changing their behavior instead of teaching the bully how to not be an asshole is always the way to go.

New Hanover students are certainly not here for this proposed policy change.

School Wants to Ban Skinny Jeans Over Bullying