The Secret Behind Rihanna’s Fashion-Design Skills Has Been Revealed

Photo: Thomas Concordia/Getty Images

Rihanna is arguably the foremost celebrity fashion-influencer of the moment. Currently, if you wanted to, and your bank account allowed, you could wear an entirely Rihanna-approved ensemble, by pairing clothes from her collection with Puma with a pair of sunglasses from her Dior collaboration and then decide to dress it up or down with your choice of either Rihanna-designed Manolo Blahniks or Puma Creepers. Oh, and don’t forget a pair of socks from her Stance collaboration.

Understandably, her fans are dying to know where she gets ideas to fuel a seemingly never-ending stream of best-selling items.

Truly, no one could have explained it better.

Secret of Rihanna’s Fashion Success Revealed