Shirtless Hillary Supporters Elevate Nation’s Political Discourse

Photo: Liz Kreutz/Twitter

In an election dominated by ad hominem attacks, in which nothing — not even dick jokes — are off-limits, it’s important to recognize the rare moments that elevate our nation’s political discourse. Our democratic process is about voters making their voices heard and communicating their will to the candidates — if necessary, by crudely scrawling upon their torsos.

It’s difficult to make out because it appears haphazardly scribbled using a pen they stole from a motel, but two shirtless pranksters attended a Hillary rally in California today with “HILL IS PERFECT” and “H” on their chests. This is revelatory not only because they are naked from the waist up, but also because it is mandatory to give men attention for being progressive enough to support a female presidential candidate — even if it’s begrudgingly, and part of an ongoing shtick.

When an ABC News reporter interviewed the men after the rally, they gave Hillary this passionate endorsement:

Well said.

Shirtless Hillary Men Save Political Discourse