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Male Spider Just Really, Really Into Oral

Cunnilingus is a topic as tricky as the act itself. Some women are into it, some aren’t. Some terrible men speak openly about how much they hate it while others simply can’t shut up about how much they love to do the deed. And that’s just among humans.

A study published in Scientific Reports titled “Spider behaviors include oral sexual encounters” (over-under how many times the scientists paused their research to high-five each other and say “nice”) reveals that the act extends to spiders as well.

For one particular species, the Madagascan Darwin’s bark spider, sex “includes forcing the males to engage in oral sex up to 100 times during copulation,” according to Motherboard. This form of oral sex involves the male spider salivating on the female spider’s genitals. Kinky!

The female spiders are much larger than the males of the same variety, which you can see in the video below:

Researchers have yet to determine why the male spiders do this, though one theory posits that it’s to calm the female spider down enough so she won’t eat him after sex. Or perhaps it’s just for the bragging rights.

Spider Performs Oral Sex 100 Times While Mating