This Guy Might Have the Cure for Anyone Trying to Stop Getting Emotional Over Adele Lyrics

When Adele first released “Hello” last fall, it proved to be a little much for the good ol’ emotions. But if you still have to skip over the ballad when it comes up next on your iTunes playlist when you’re on the train and feeling sentimental, voice artist Brian Hull’s Disney rendition is the ultimate cure.

Hull recorded the voices of 29 Disney characters over the slow, sappy tune, so now it’s basically just everyone from Goofy to Gaston reciting Adele’s heart-wrenching lyrics.

I’ll I can say is you won’t be crying anymore. You might be creeped out (raises hand). Or you might find these spot-on character voices endearing. Regardless, it’s certainly the antidote to any lingering Adele side effects.

Guy Covers Adele’s ‘Hello’ With Disney Voices