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A Dude Mansplains Women’s Clothes, But in This Case, We’ll Let Him

Fashion's not fair. Photo: Jan Stromme/Corbis Images
Fashion’s not fair. Photo: Jan Stromme/Corbis Images Photo: Jan Stromme/Jan Stromme

A few days ago, a dude who goes by Benjamin Ashton Cooper on Facebook helped his girlfriend do the chore that also goes by the title, “Hell on Earth”: clean out her closet. But while performing his heroic boyfriend duty, Cooper discovered something that women have known forever and eternity, reports Mic — women’s clothing sizes are completely messed up.

Cooper posted this rant on his Facebook page after trying on his gal’s XL top (which is so not XL, of course). I gotta say, I’m not usually down with a good old-fashioned mansplain, but in this case, I’ll let this guy say his piece:

“So I’m helping my girlfriend clean out her closet (literally, shut up), and I noticed that a lot of what she was getting rid of was of the XL size. That didn’t look right to me, and here’s why:
They fit me. I don’t say that to be silly or ironic. It pisses me off. I am not an extra large man, and, more importantly, a woman my size is NOT an extra large woman. This bullshit right here is why we have 8 year olds with eating disorders. This shit right here is why men shout “fucking fat hog!” at even nominally curvy girls on the street. This is why men who think sexism is a “myth” perpetuated by liberal pussies are Full. Of. Shit. Fuck body shaming. ‪#‎EndBodyShaming‬. One Million Vaginas”

And he gives a shout-out to pro-choice group One Million Vaginas at the end of the post. Note to the goddess above (or probably Beyoncé) who manages the “Banned Mansplainers” list: This guy’s okay.

This Guy Mansplains Women’s Clothing Sizes