This Symphonic Bassist Died Onstage, Literally Playing Out Life to the End

“I hope I die doing what I love” — a phrase common to anyone who’s really good at what they do for a really long time. And the same was true for record-holding 87-year-old symphony bassist Jane Little, who died onstage Sunday night — while playing “No Business Like Show Business.”

Little played double bass in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for 71 years. She was 16 when she joined the Atlantic Youth Symphony Orchestra, and in February, she was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as the musician with the longest tenure in an orchestra.

The orchestra released a statement in a Facebook post, saying: “The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra was truly blessed to have Jane as part of our family for the past 71 years and we all miss her passion, vitality, spirit and incredible talent.”

This story pretty much serves as a life motto: Play it out till the end.

This Woman Died Literally Doing What She Loved