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Who Are the Women Who Make Up 25 Percent of Trump’s Campaign Staff and Are They Okay?

Photo: Mary Altaffer/AP

After crunching the numbers of the Trump campaign’s May financial disclosure statement, the Huffington Post reports that 75 percent of Trump’s campaign staffers are men. This begs the question: why not 100 percent?

Trump’s creepiness towards women has been well documented for four decades. There’s even a viral video summing up all the terrible things he’s said about women. He probably thinks you’re ugly! Yet these countless revelations about Trump’s misogyny have not deterred the women comprising 25 percent of Trump’s campaign staff from loving him so much that they have made it their literal job to get him elected.

Women of the Trump campaign: I am very worried about you. Tug twice on your left earlobe if you need help.

Why Is Trump’s Campaign Not 100 Percent Men?