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The Twins Who Spend Almost Every Day Together

“People at our high school in New Jersey didn’t know what to make of us,” says Lewis Speed.

Oliver and Lewis Speed, Students

What are you guys up to today?
Lewis: We took the 158 bus from Edgewater, New Jersey, to the Port Authority and have been walking around taking photos. It’s a pretty typical day for us.
Oliver: We graduated from high school in New Jersey last year, but we’re Australian, so we’re waiting to get our papers so we can apply to college there.
Lewis: People at our high school in New Jersey didn’t know what to make of us; they called me Jesus, and they called Oliver Jesús. They would put halos over our heads on Snapchat.

Are you guys very twinny twins?
Oliver: Well, we’ve spent almost every day together for the past 20 years.
Lewis: People say we’re telepathic; like, in U.S.-history class, on every test, we got the exact same questions wrong, and our teacher thought we were cheating, so we were put on opposite sides of the room — but it kept happening.
Oliver: We might not go to the same college.
Lewis: Yeah, it’s not going to be like Step Brothers, where we are grown up and sleeping in bunk beds. We have to end it sometime.

Lightning Round
Type of twins
: Fraternal.
Cameras: Oliver: Pentax 67. “Taking pictures is a growing hobby for us.” Lewis: Hasselblad 500C and a Canon AE-1.
Favorite TV shows: Oliver: Mr. Robot. Lewis: Parks and Recreation and Seinfeld.
Shampoo: Oliver: “What’s the stuff in the black bottle?” Lewis: “Tresemmé. Our mom buys it for us.” 

*This article appears in the May 30, 2016 issue of New York Magazine.