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Twitter Users Share What #MyDepressionLooksLike to Raise Mental Health Awareness

Noni understands.
Noni understands. Photo: Columbia Pictures/Everett Collection

May is Mental Health Month, and while depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses are slowly shedding their stigma, we’ve still got a long way to go.

If you think living with depression, panic attacks, OCD, and/or other disorders must be difficult, consider adding a big heaping helping of shame on top of it; it’s nearly unbearable. The Twitter hashtag #mydepressionlookslike offers an illuminating peek at how people cope with the disorder; the aim is to dispel misconceptions about depression and what it feels like versus what it might look like — or what you think it looks like. It’s enlightening to see how others manage, and it’s incredible helpful to know you’re not alone. Other helpful hashtags are #myanxietylookslike and #mentalillnessfeelslike, which encompass a broader range of experiences. Check out Mental Health America for more resources.

Twitter Users Share What #MyDepressionLooksLike