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Here’s Why #BlackSalonProblems Is Trending on Twitter

Bills Bills Bills
Bills Bills Bills Photo: Courtesy of DestinysChildVEVO

Ten years ago, I went to my hometown salon and got my last relaxer. It was my last because my scalp burned so badly that when the appointment was over, my scalp vaguely resembled a slab of beef carpaccio. Today, , a tweeter from repressed-memories heaven, perfectly captured that moment with this tweet that made me choke on my Coke Zero with laughter:

And so began my deep-dive down the #BlackSalonProblems hashtag hole, which perfectly articulates the agony and ecstasy of the black salon experience. Here is a sampling of some of the best tweets from the hashtag, which as of now has garnered over 150,000 tweets.

The threat of excessive heat:

The humbling moment when you run out of extension hair:

The realization that your hair appointment is a daylong commitment:

The fear of death by fire:

The inevitable weave-unveiling:

The moment when you realize you should have brought a snack:

The dude invasion:

The unexpected big chop:

The LOL sensitive-scalp treatment:

The “ain’t got time for this” affront:

The undercover haircut:

The physical endurance of the wash bowl:

And the bottom line:

Why #BlackSalonProblems Is Trending on Twitter