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If You Missed Tom Hiddleston’s Butt on TV, Here It Is

Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston Photo: Des Willie/The Ink Factory/AMC

The Night Manager, the BBC mini-series based on a John le Carré book, has been receiving critical acclaim for two reasons: It is generally excellent, and it features Tom Hiddleston’s butt.

When the sex scene in episode four aired in the U.K., fans went nuts (or mental, as they say, pip pip cheerio) over the very brief glimpse of Hiddleston’s buttocks. When news came that the mini-series would be airing on AMC, viewers waited with bated breath for their own chance to glimpse Hiddlesbum.

But lo! On Tuesday night, AMC cut that very shot out of the episode. (It’s still in the online version.) Viewers responded with righteous indignation.

The New York Post interviewed Jenna Harris, a northern Ireland resident who runs a Tom Hiddleston fan site, and she was befuddled by the ass editing:

“I’m surprised by this and also quite irritated, maybe even angry. Considering the fact ‘TNM’ airs on AMC, a network that also has ‘The Walking Dead,’ known for its brains, guts and  blood, it’s confusing to me that American television is editing out a 60 second scene (that also focuses on their faces) of a pair of buttocks.”

Indeed. For those still hurt by AMC’s buttshopping, here is another glimpse at Tom Hiddleston’s butt.

Are you ready? Here it is.

Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hiddleston’s butt Photo: Courtesy of BBC


If You Missed Tom Hiddleston’s Butt, Here It Is