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10 TV Shows We’re Watching Right Now

Cut TV Club
Cut TV Club Photo: Amazon, Lifetime, HBO, Netflix, ABC, HGTV, Starz, FOX

Welcome to a new Cut column, where we take a break from our demanding reading schedules to share the shows we’ve been watching this month, from classics to buzzy new hits. This month, we’re loving HBO’s half-hour comedies, revisiting the great Deadwood and getting hyped about the return of UnREAL. What are you watching?

Silicon Valley Photo: HBO

Silicon Valley, HBO, currently in its third season

“I finally got into Silicon Valley during its third season; it’s a solid comedy with a story line that I genuinely care about beyond the hilarious jokes. It also further convinced me that I could never live in the show’s titular location.” — Gabriella Paiella, staff writer

Catastrophe Photo: Amazon

Catastrophe, Amazon, two seasons

“This show defies two truisms: that babies don’t lend themselves to good TV, and neither does social media stardom. Starring super-Tweeter Rob Delaney as an American who moves to London to be with the Irish woman he impregnated on a one-night stand, it’s funny, dirty, and incredibly realistic about pregnancy and parenthood.” — Izzy Grinspan, senior editor

Veep Photo: HBO

Veep, HBO, currently in its fifth season

“Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer is mean and lovable and gets to boss men around all day. What’s not to love?” — Dayna Evans, writer

New Girl Photo: Adam Taylor/FOX

New Girl, FOX, five seasons

“When New Girl first premiered — with that terrible “adorkable” promo campaign — I wrote it off after suffering from post–500 Days of Summer Zooey Deschanel fatigue (internalized misogyny takes a long time to unlearn). Hoo-boy, was I wrong. It’s delightful! Zooey’s character, Jess, is not Too Much; the way Schmidt does literally anything is a treat; I need all of Winston’s patterned shirts; and I cannot get over my crush on grumpy Nick despite him being distinctly not-my-type.” — Marissa Cetin, social-media editor

Grace and Frankie Photo: Karen Ballard/Netflix

Grace and Frankie, Netflix, two seasons

“A “Modern Family” for the older generation, and the dynamic between Grace and Frankie shows that female friendship never stops being strange, a little petty, funny, and long-lasting. Also Grace is endlessly GIF-able.” — Kathleen Hou, senior beauty editor

The Girlfriend Experience Photo: Transactional Pictures of NY LP. All Rights Reserved.

The Girlfriend Experience, Starz, one season

“This drama starring Elvis Presley’s granddaughter is about a law student turned sex worker, has the dark feel of House of Cards, and is sexier than The Affair.” — Leah Rodriguez, Producer

How To Get Away With Murder Photo: Richard Cartwright/ABC

How to Get Away With Murder, ABC, two seasons

“Just enough legal talk so you feel smart, with all the drama of Shondaland. I have serious commitment issues when it comes to shows (I’ve never watched a whole series in my life) but I’m currently rewatching every. Single. Episode.” — Sarah Spellings, editorial assistant 

Deadwood Photo: HBO

Deadwood, HBO, three seasons

“I’ve been rewatching this. It’s hilarious and terrifying, and makes every other TV show seem like it has too few words.” — Molly Fischer, senior editor

Fixer Upper Photo: HGTV

Fixer Upper, HGTV, three seasons

“Joanna Gaines is the Texas version of my interior-designer mom, so I love her, but even more so for the way she politely bosses construction men around — all while transforming shabby homes into cozy shabby-chic cottages with her cute and dweeby husband. Best watched with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.” — Catie L’Heureux, assistant editor

UnREAL Photo: James Dittiger/Lifetime

UnREAL, Lifetime, in its second season

“This behind-the-scenes look at life on a reality dating show is the perfect companion piece for Bachelorette viewers. After seeing the scheming and manipulation that UnREAL’s wicked producers get up to (the brilliant Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer), you’ll never be able to watch a rose ceremony the same way again.” — Anna Silman, culture writer

10 TV Shows We’re Watching Right Now