This 12-Year-Old Kid Really Gets the Whole Vaccinations-Cause-Autism Argument

Twelve-year-old Marco Arturo might just be the one who finally ends this whole discussion about the link between vaccinations and autism. Robert DeNiro might want us to “find the truth,” but Bob, Marco has. In fact, he’s got a whole folder on the topic.

He starts by saying he has done a lot of research on the link between vaccines and autism. Then he pulls out a decorated research folder of blank pages. Why?

“I think it might be because there is absolutely no evidence to support the significance of vaccines to autism whatsoever … And you might think, ‘This is my child; it’s my choice.’ It’s your choice if you’re going to expose your child to deadly diseases, but it’s not just your child. It’s basically everyone else’s child. It’s also everyone else’s child you put in danger because you read some forwarded email, so please, vaccinate your children.”

So, um, when is this kid running for a political office? Here’s somebody whose arguments actually make sense.

12-Year-Old Kid Drops the Truth on Vaccinations