Amber Heard Said ‘No’ to Temporary Spousal Support During Her Divorce From Johnny Depp

As her divorce from Johnny Depp unravels, Amber Heard is determined to keep the focus on the domestic violence she alleges she endured during her marriage.

And to do so, Heard’s lawyer has taken temporary spousal support out of consideration, TMZ reports.

The message, according to Heard: This divorce isn’t a ploy for money.

Heard’s legal team filed a declaration in court removing the issue of spousal support, which would have been considered alongside the restraining order during a hearing set for Friday, TMZ reported.

Certain media stories have cast doubt on Heard’s abuse allegations, helping form a narrative that Heard is a money-grabber. TMZ previously published a story on how eyewitnesses reportedly did not notice any bruising on Heard’s face in the days after Depp allegedly threw an iPhone at her (photos of which were later on the cover of People). Heard’s friend, iO Tillett Wright, a photographer and TV host, though, has emphatically defended the abuse allegations and called the story “BULL–T.”

The court documents leave open the possibility for spousal support in the future, once the restraining order is resolved.

Amber Heard Says Her Divorce Isn’t About Money