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Anna Wintour Takes Her Comedy Act on the Road

Anna Wintour speaking at Cannes Lions
Anna Wintour speaking at Cannes Lions Photo: Richard Bord/Getty Images

Anna Wintour is turning Cannes into her own personal Comedy Cellar. After making her stand-up debut in a video with Amy Schumer last week, the Vogue EIC headed to the Cannes Lions advertising conference, where she made an uncharacteristically jokey speech complete with digs at Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and even her candidate of choice, Hillary Clinton. According to “Page Six,” she alluded to Trump during her speech, saying, “Politics is not traditionally a creative industry, but in America its currently being dominated by people with very active imaginations.”

She referred to Sanders as a “hermit” and called him “as old and as snow-capped as Mont Blanc.” (Note: Sanders is 74 to Wintour’s 66.) Unfortunately, she didn’t take any pot shots at the obvious target, his less-than-Vogue-worthy style.

Wintour has supported Clinton in this election, but she didn’t let her off the hook completely. While talking about a hack of Vogue’s servers that resulted in Zayn and Gigi pictures being leaked, she joked, “I keep all my documents on a private server.” Perhaps she needs to enlist Schumer as a speechwriter.

Anna Wintour Takes Her Comedy Act on the Road