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Is Anyone Else Jealous of Alexander Skarsgård?

K-I-S-S-I-N-G Photo: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

While visiting an Australian zoo during a The Legend of Tarzan photo call, Alexander Skarsgård had the profoundly envy-inducing experience of kissing a baby kangaroo.

The kangaroo, who recognized the Swedish actor from True Blood, played coy at first. But then Skarsgård leaned in and whispered sweet nothings to the marsupial, like, “Hey, have you seen my abs?” and, “That’s crazy, eucalyptus is my favorite food, too.” And slowly, slowly …

Photo: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Oh, to be Alexander Skarsgård!

Photo: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

I guess the kangaroo did alright, too.