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Bobby Brown Says He Had Sex With a Ghost, Which, Sure, Why Not?

Photo: Rick Rowell/ABC

In an excerpt from his new tell-all memoir, Every Little Step: My Story, Bobby Brown writes about his tumultuous relationship with late wife Whitney Houston, the loss of his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, and also the time he had sex with a ghost.

The encounter occurred shortly after Brown bought an Atlanta mansion from “Scarface of porn” Mike Thevis in the ‘90s. “I sensed that a lot of evil shit had gone down in that house while Thevis lived there,” he writes. “One memorable night, one of the ghosts descended from the ceiling and had sex with me. After you stop laughing, I need you to hear what I’m saying because I’m not making this up. And let me add this: This was before I ever touched any drug besides weed and alcohol.”

Brown says he always slept naked in a “big round bed with a mirrored ceiling” (of course), and he recalls waking up one night “to the sensation of a woman on top of me.”

“I looked up and in the mirrors I could actually see a white woman straddling me on the bed,” he continues. “The sensation felt exactly like sex — I could feel my penis inside of her and everything. It was not a dream; I was definitely awake while it was happening. All of the sudden, she was gone — leaving me alone and incredibly excited and terrified at the same time.”

Ghost sex is actually a well-known phenomenon, and Kesha, Anna Nicole Smith, and Paranormal 2 actress Natasha Blasick have all spoken about their experiences copulating with spirits (it was also chronicled in the documentary Ghost). Psychologists say it’s likely caused by hallucinations while drifting in and out of sleep, but I choose to believe it’s the malevolent ancient spirits of the succubus and incubus wreaking havoc on our corporeal forms. Who can say?!

Bobby Brown Says He Had Sex With a Ghost