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Chris Pratt Caught You a Delicious Bass

The Liger of action stars.
The Liger of action stars. Photo: Paras Griffin/2016 Getty Images

Everyone needs some downtime, even — perhaps especially — when you’re raking in the dough from your sudden transition to a delightfully huggable comic man-child to chiseled action star, and Chris Pratt is no different.

The Guardians of the Galaxy hero, who is no stranger to catching and killing his own food, has been kicking back in Georgia at Lake Oconee, where he’s taking in the everyday delights of nature, his buddies, and wearing a sleeveless shirt that might or might not have an eagle and American flag on the front. It’s some much-needed me-time before he’s dragged back to the world of San Diego Comic-Con and press tours and endlessly charming appearances on late-night TV shows to promote Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Look closely at his eyes in that Instagram picture. Is that a man who wants to return next month to the cramped and somewhat damp Hall H of San Diego Comic-Con, where a fan stabbed another person with a pen while waiting to see the panel for a totally forgettable sci-fi movie with Simon Pegg? And that’s not to mention the press juggernaut that his upcoming film with Jennifer Lawrence will entail!

No, sir. That is a haunted man yearning for freedom and a world without shirtsleeves. Pray for Pratt, and pray for his wife, the equally hilarious and cool Anna Faris, who has to deal with her husband’s Jurassic World flashbacks every night. Like winter, Comic-Con is coming. It smells worse, though.