till death do us part

Couple So Over Engagement Photos They Staged Theirs to Look Like a Murder

Photo: Nisian Hughes/Getty Images

Engagement photos serve very few purposes. They ostensibly make the parents of the betrothed couple very happy. They’re excellent for posting on social media in an effort to make an ex jealous, if one or both members of the couple are into that sort of thing. And, most important, they give the friends of the couple something to secretly and brutally make fun of until the day of the wedding.

Take Shi Jarmillo and Patrick Reetz, a Texas couple whose engagement-photo-shoot theme was murder. As in, unlawfully killing another human being.

“What is the most trustworthy thing to do with your significant other?” Jarmillo explained to mysanantonio.com. “To have to hide a body together. You kind of get tired of seeing the same old pictures on Facebook and we didn’t want to be stereotypical.” Sure, okay.

The couple made this all happen with the help of photographer Asha Poyzer — plus a life-size doll that served as a “dead body,” and plenty of fake blood. The photos can all be seen here.

Their wedding will also have murderous elements, like centerpieces made of “anatomy parts on a mountain of red roses.”

Couple Stages Murder-Themed Engagement Shoot