No, the Thurston Moore–Bernie Sanders Song Collaboration Is Not a Parody

Photo: Getty Images

Today, Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore teamed up with Bernie Sanders for a new song called “Feel It in Your Guts,” which you can order as a limited-edition “white flexi-disc vinyl” or download by donating a suggested $27 to Bernie’s campaign.

I paid $15, because I am (a) Canadian, and therefore unconcerned with the future of this nation, and (b) cheap, and let me tell you, it was absolutely not worth it. I mean, it’s worth it if you were already planning to give money to the Sanders campaign, but if you’re choosing between hearing this song and, like, a fully loaded burrito bowl, definitely get the burrito bowl.

Honestly, it’s not even really a song. It’s just soundbites of Sanders speaking on the trail with the same tinkling guitar cords played over and over again. We understand that Bernie is too busy to record new vocals, but couldn’t Thurston Moore have done something a little more sonically interesting? Perhaps throw some autotune on? Maybe some guttural yells? Perhaps a snippit of “Panda”? Kanye would have known what to do with this.

I can’t think of any possible time when you’d want to listen to this song. It’s not relaxing, nor is it pump-up, nor is it quite weird enough to throw on as a novelty party track. The best thing I can say is that it has a vaguely hallucinatory quality to it, like hearing a cult leader speak to you in a dream. If you were trying to do inception on someone, then potentially this song could be useful. 

Bernie, keep your day job. Or, you know, keep trying for that new one. And enjoy the $15!

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