The Best Way to Rid Your Face of Excess Hair

Tweezerman's Easy Finish Facial Hair Remover
Tweezerman’s Easy Finish Facial Hair Remover

A fun fact about hair is that everyone has some. If you want more, dive into a hair-growth cocktail or swipe a sliver of serum over your brows. For less, you could shave, wax, or laser, but the best tool for the fine hair on your face is Tweezerman’s bladeless, creamless, and laserless hair-removal device.

I first heard about the tool when I met up with a PR representative from the brand. Under the pile of tweezers and brow fillers stood the pink contraption. “This is amazing,” she said as she pointed to what I assumed was a vibrator. “It plucks hair right up!” And from right there on the table, I learned about Tweezerman’s Easy Facial Hair Removal, and discovered that it works, as long as you leap around the learning curve.

This is how you use it: With one hand, grab the sides of the tool. Pull the skin taut where you plan to use the device, and in short, rapid movements, brush the tool along skin, in the opposite direction of hair growth. If you roll it too slowly, it won’t be able to clasp onto hair. It works by trapping hair in the device’s metal coils, which pulls each strand from the follicle, like a pair of tweezers or a fresh strip of wax. Besides my eyebrows, my face is one seamless tract of baby skin, but if that weren’t the case, I’d say it would take no more than five minutes with Tweezerman’s tool for a fuzz-free upper lip.

That’s not to say the facial hair removal is pain-free. On a scale of band-aid removal to childbirth, the tool sits at a two or three. It’s not pleasant, but it’s not the worst thing in the world either. You might notice some slight redness, but that usually goes away within a few minutes. The results last much longer than a standard shave job, too. Hair regrows two weeks to a month later, compared to shaving’s two to seven days regrowth cycle. Not bad for a tiny device that looks like a sex toy.

Tweezerman Easy Finish Hair Remover, $15

The Best Way to Rid Your Face of Excess Hair