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Stylish Bank Robber Apparently Spending a Lot of That Stolen Cash on Clothes

Whose man is this?
Whose man is this? Photo: NYPD

When robbing a bank, the only sartorial consideration (presumably) is finding clothes that are comfortable, sweat-resistant, and lacking unnecessary frills that might get stuck in a getaway-car door. But DNA Info reports that one “dapper thief” is using fashion as a disguise of sorts as he hits various banks around Manhattan. So far, he’s worn a Euro-chic hat-and-scarf combo, a jaunty Panama hat, and even a khaki shirt that’s right in line with the season’s utility-inspired trend.

But like Bonnie Parker with her beret, this thief has a go-to accessory: mirrored sunglasses, which are both a disguise and an accent piece. So far, he’s struck six times and has stolen several thousand dollars. Saving up for the new Vetements drop?

Photo: NYPD
Photo: NYPD
Stylish Bank Robber Will Steal for Fashion