See the Art Exhibit Flipping the Male Gaze

Raspberry Beret, by Cecily Brown. Photo: Courtesy of Cheim & Read

In an art exhibit that may as well be dedicated to every cat-calling man, Cheim & Read gallery is presenting The Female Gaze, Part Two: Women Look At Men. All 32 artists in the show are female, and their work involves reversing the male gaze.

The pieces play on stereotypical gender roles and poses. Paul Rosano, one of the male subjects presented, said of his experience, “She was placing me in what many would interpret as a feminine pose, or what you would expect to see in traditional or historical paintings of women, certainly not of men. This became an underlying theme in many of her works. The reversal.”

Click ahead to see headless torsos, tattooed carnival workers, and a gold-plated, X-rated “smile.” The exhibit runs from June 23 until September 2 at Cheim & Read gallery.