Go Backstage at the CFDA Awards’ Bowie Tribute

Participants in the David Bowie Tribute. Photo: Dina Litovsky

The highlight of last night’s CFDA awards wasn’t Ansel Elgort’s dancing, Beyoncé’s speech, or Laverne Cox’s sleeves — it was the late David Bowie, who received the Board of Directors’ Special Tribute Award.

Tilda “female Bowie” Swinton announced the tribute, which featured a runway show of models in bright makeup by MAC Cosmetics, fiery red wigs, and replicas of Bowie’s most famous outfits. The looks were inspired by Bowie’s teal Life on Mars suit, Aladdin Sane asymmetrical bodysuit, and black, silhouette-defying Tokyo Pop bodysuits.

Key makeup artist Rommy Najor was particularly inspired by Ziggy Stardust. “I took elements from those looks such as the colors, textures or shapes and gave them a modern twist. I also played off the lines in the wardrobe  choices to update the look. Lastly, I incorporated contouring and shading, which Bowie was famous for.”

Click ahead to see how all the mohawks, mullets, and contours were achieved backstage.

Go Backstage at the CFDA Awards’ Bowie Tribute