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Grace Coddington’s Perfume Smells Like Roses and Fancy Shampoo

Grace Coddington, the perfume.
Grace Coddington, the perfume.

You know the story: Grace Coddington loves catsdreamy fashion, and English heritage. Grace, the fragrance, her first-ever perfume created in collaboration with Comme des Garçons, is a sum of a few of those favorite things. It begins with a rose, from a childhood memory of her mother’s rose garden (“I’ve come from a trail of roses,” she’s said). But unlike other roses and rose fragrances, which can smell excessively toilette-water-like, Grace’s isn’t too pretty. It smells like a freshly picked rose, full of verve, greenery, and dew — fresh and full of sunlight. Combined with mint, basil, and white musk, the scent develops to create a soft yet not excessively floral fragrance, with notes of homey laundry and shampoo. If I sat in Grace’s apartment, stroking one of her soft, freshly washed cats (Pumpkin is my personal preference), this is what I think it would smell like.

Grace by Grace Coddington, $110

Grace Coddington Smells Like Roses and Shampoo