dwayne johnson's packing list

Here Is Everything That Could Be in the Rock’s Very Big Bag

Man, bag
Man, bag Photo: therock/Instagram

America’s motivational coach, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, posted a photo of himself on Instagram Wednesday morning carrying a truly enormous leather bag — a Rock-size weekender, if you will. “Travel light my friends. One bag is all you need,” he wrote. (The Rock is nothing if not practical.)

Once you get over the initial shock of seeing a beefy man carrying a Smart-car-size purse, it’s only natural to wonder what he could possibly have in there. Here are a few ideas, sure to go down in the annals of history like Joan Didion’s packing list

  • Seven bespoke T-shirts specifically created to highlight every single muscle on his upper body
  • His French bulldog, Hobbs
  • Fifteen pounds of cod
  • A printed schedule reminding him when to Instagram promotional images for every upcoming movie he’s starring in
  • An hourglass filled with protein powder
  • Every unsold San Andreas Blu-ray disc
  • Baywatch co-star Zac Efron

Have a good trip, Dwayne!

Here Is What the Rock Packed in His Enormous Bag