Home From College, by the Pool

Photographed by Marisa Chafetz. Photo: Marisa Chafetz

For a fresh take on swimwear, the Cut gave six photographers some of the season’s best suits to capture their friends during the first weekend of summer. For Marisa Chafetz, a New York photo intern, that meant moving from Tulane University, where she studies photography, back home to Long Island for the summer — so she shared the suits with both sets of friends.

At school in New Orleans, she captured college friends in her boyfriend’s backyard, where neighbors make moonshine and host crawfish boils. During the shoot they rescued a stray puppy, and later brought it to a shelter. Back home in Long Island, she took Polaroids of her childhood friends, one of whom climbed a tree in her Missoni bikini.

“We’ve been friends since elementary school,” Chafetz says. “She does this kind of stuff all the time, like climbing high up a tree in a bikini and acting spontaneous and adventurous in a wholesome way. I feel like when I have memories in my head of summer, I imagine my friends illuminated by a streetlight or a pool light, like their faces are either blue or orange.”

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*A version of this article appears in the June 13, 2016 issue of New York Magazine.

Home From College, by the Pool