Finally, a Chic Version of the Ikea Bag

New Ikea bag vs. Old Ikea bag
New Ikea bag vs. Old Ikea bag Photo: IKEA

Sensible Swedish furniture emporium Ikea is like Disney World for boring adults (me). There’s no better way to spend a day than being trapped in a maze filled with a veritable cornucopia of furniture so cheap you actually get a slight high while reading the prices. And then, after chowing down on horse meatballs and screaming at your significant other because somebody said they didn’t think they could “handle” assembling a Malm dresser, you get to pay 99 cents to take home an ugly souvenir: a bright blue-and-yellow Frakta shopping bag made from what appears to be a pool cover.

That experience is about to get even better because, as Dezeen reports, Ikea is introducing a brand-new, much more neutral shopping bag.

Photo: Arkitekturfotograf Rasmus Norlander/IKEA

Designed in collaboration with Danish brand Hay, the new bag will be made of white and forest green woven fabric and have a slimmer shape. It will be available in stores starting in 2017.

So now when you break up with your live-in boyfriend on the steps of Ikea, you can at least leave with a nice bag.