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Forget HamiltonJane the Virgin’s Hot Dad Hits Broadway

Helloooooo. Photo: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Great news for everyone who can’t afford to sell a kidney on the underground market to buy a ticket to Hamilton! Jaime Camil, Jane the Virgin’s resident silver fox, is doing his onscreen character Rogelio de la Vega proud with a starring role in Chicago on Broadway.

Camil is taking over the role of the slick singing and dancing lawyer Billy Flynn until July 3, which is pretty perfect given just how damn smooth Rogelio is as Santos — oh, and because Camil also has a theatrical background. The actor, singer, and social media whiz was Broadway-bound as one of the original cast members of The Mambo Kings in 2005, but that never came to fruition; he was on Broadway as part of Latinologues later that year, but taking over a plum role in the longest-running American musical in Broadway history is something that would make even the impossible-to-please Liliana de la Vega smile. (Jerry Orbach was the original Billy Flynn way back in 1975, and Richard Gere played him in the 2002 award-winning movie.)

Better hurry! After July 3, Camil will be returned to whatever underground chamber the Jane the Virgin actors are forced to live in between seasons, lest they divulge any revealing details about Jane’s future.

Jane the Virgin’s Hot Dad Hits Broadway