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Justin Bieber Got Into a Fistfight With Someone Other Than Orlando Bloom

Justin Bieber.
Justin Bieber.

After game three of the NBA Finals in Cleveland Wednesday night, gentle soul Justin Bieber found himself on the wrong end of a slap from an unidentified man roughly three times his size. He retaliated with a surprisingly forceful punch, as you can see in TMZ’s video of the incident below:

It’s not clear what started the fight but TMZ speculates it may have been some “post-game trash talk” gone awry.

The video is more spectacular if you imagine that Bieber’s sparring partner is one Orlando Bloom. The current boyfriend of Katy Perry and maybe-sort-of-something of Bieber’s ex Selena Gomez allegedly punched Bieber in a Cipriani in Ibiza two summers ago. Video of that incident never surfaced. But now, thanks to Wednesday’s brawl, you can better imagine it.

Justin Bieber Got Into a Fistfight Last Night