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Kesha’s Body-Shaming Instagram Trolls Never Learn

Tell it to someone who cares.
Tell it to someone who cares. Photo: Jerod Harris/WireImage

Following Kesha on Instagram is a treat, and not just because she is beautiful and cool and raw. No, it’s because whenever some bozo pops into her comments to share an unwanted opinion about her body or life, she puts that jerk on blast so hard they don’t know what hit them.

That’s exactly what happened to one such user named @ jackknife76, who quotes R.E.M. in his IG bio because we all contain multitudes. Apparently he took it upon himself to let Kesha know she is ugly and a “whore,” and in return, Kesha gifted the world with a bum photo and the following message:

Dear @jackknife76, I see that you would very much like me to know that you think I’m ugly, and also a “whore”. well, I understand that that is your opinion, but I disagree. I’m not perfect but I’m pretty fucking magical. and also, I am not, in fact, a whore. also bullying someone who has struggled publicly with body issues is pretty mean. thank god I’m in a place in my life where I feel empowered to address your nasty comments instead of letting them destroy me. so. on behalf of anyone anywhere who struggles with body image, STOP IT. my body is not your business. in conclusion, kiss my magical imperfect ass.

This isn’t the first time an anonymous jerk has posted a crappy comment on the internet, and it won’t be the last. Some people argue it’s better to ignore trolls and deprive them of their sustenance, others know revenge is a dish served cold, and preferably in public.

Kesha’s Body-Shaming Trolls Never Learn