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Mother Berated by Man for Breast-feeding in Target

Photo: Elyse Butler/Getty Images

Here’s a tip for the overly sensitive and the underinformed: It is legal in every state in the union (except for Idaho, which weirdly has no legal opinion on the matter) to breastfeed a baby in public.

It is not, as a man inside a nearly deserted Target cafeteria recently told a breast-feeding mother, “disgusting,” and while it might be “beautiful,” as one of the several women who came to her defense termed it, it is mostly and simply one of two ways to feed a baby in the first year of its life.

Babies need to be fed pretty regularly, and all of us — even the pearl clutching fellow in Target who was shocked by the sight of a boob in a babe’s mouth — are the product of our mother or caregiver’s successful management of feeding us in a timely fashion. So, since it’s legal, and necessary, and since you’re an actual adult, why don’t we just can it with the histrionics already? Babies everywhere will thank you.

Mother Breast-feeding in Target Berated by Man