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Praying Mantis Honored to Be Named After Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Ilomantis ginsburgae
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Ilomantis ginsburgae Photo: Getty Images; Courtesy of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Ruth Bader Ginsburg — legendary Supreme Court Justice turned meme — now has the distinct honor of having a new species of praying mantis named after her.

The Washington Post reports that the Ilomantis ginsburgae was discovered using a brand-new technique that involves using the genitals of female praying mantises as a method of distinguishing species. Sydney Brannoch, a PhD student at Case Western Reserve University, says, “Female specimens weren’t used to diagnose most species.”

Brannoch also added that the inspiration for the praying mantis’s namesake came from her “commitment to women’s rights and gender equality … and her appreciation of the jabot.” (That’s the floofy lace collar Ginsburg often dons in court.)

And, as an added bonus, female praying mantises are known to decapitate the males of the species.

Praying Mantis Named After Ruth Bader Ginsburg